There is no right or wrong way to travel, there are just different styles and preferences. On National Plan a Trip Day, it’s beneficial to plan in advance. There is no need to overwhelm yourself so let’s call this “mild planning” – knowing where you’re going but maybe not know what you’ll do when you get there. There’s a balance.

There might be some work you’ll need to put in but…this can also get you more excited for this great trip!

Find your destination

Sometimes you want to get away but don’t know exactly where. Browse travel destinations with an open mind and have fun.

There are tons of great options throughout the US – from the Napa Valley vineyards to the Teton Mountains, BEST has a list of well thought out options throughout the U.S. All of which is possible with an RV Rental.

Sure, you can travel by air, but you’d miss what you’d see along the way if you plan a road trip. There are incredible places to visit and stay all around the country. Staying in an RV gives you the flexibility of having multiple stops along your way. If you’re up to a self-contained RV , meaning that you’re not connected to outside resources, then more camp options come available.

Harvest Hosts has assembled a list of unique camping experiences across the country like vineyards in Northern California to farms throughout the country. For a small membership fee, there is a network of free camping locations to enjoy. The only catch – be considerate of the park host – easy, right?

The cost of the membership is about the same as 2 nights at a typical RV campground. So, this pays for itself quickly plus you get to experience views and landscapes you won’t find in a traditional campground.

Once you’ve determined your destination, now it’s time to look for things to do. Google search can be the first place most people go to when they are searching for “best things to do in [insert destination]” but that can take a lot of time to sift through. And, it doesn’t necessarily get you something that is unique. One of the best places to search for travel tips is Pinterest! It’s full of fantastic travel articles and travel tips. You can even compile a travel board for each destination you plan on visiting.

At first your list will be enormous but eventually you’ll thin things down so it’s not repetitive or it doesn’t pique your interest.

Don’t over stuff your days – plan for balance.

If you map out very tiny detail, you’ll get stressed and well-made plans will start to fall apart. A well-planned trip requires room for flexibility.

Don’t plan an itinerary for every day.

Planning something every day could lead to disappointment. Maybe one day you wake up not feeling up to the hike you had planned. Or, perhaps the weather isn’t what you had hoped, and you need to adjust your plans.

Instead, plan out a few day options to choose from; perhaps a group of activities all in one area.

Each day you can choose from the options depending on what you feel like doing that day!

Leave a day or two that’s totally unplanned that way you can go back and do whatever you might have missed, explore something new or just take a day and relax.

Travel Resources:

Harvest Host: A membership program that provides access to a network of wineries, farms, breweries, museums and other unique attractions that invite self-contained RVers to visit and stay overnight.

WikiVoyage: A Wikipedia for travel destinations. Written and maintained by travelers. Just type in your destination! There’s also an offline version of WikiVoyage in the app store, so that you can access downloaded pages for your destinations whether you have wifi or not.

Reddit/Travel/Campsites: Fantastic to browse for getting inspiration about where to go from trip reviews and photos, or searching for a specific location to see recommendations and advice. 

Pinterest: Pinterest is a visual search engine that’s fantastic for browsing and compiling photos, travel tips, and itineraries. Create a board specifically for a single trip and add everything you find about that location to that board. It can get big but you can always scale back later.

Happy National Plan a Trip Day. This should help your travel planning and help you get excited about your next getaway!