Spring brings a carpet of wildflowers in Joshua Tree National Park. And, the night sky is clear for stargazing which makes it a perfect destination for Spring Break.

A short four-hour trip from El Cajon, CA puts you at the doorstep of Joshua Tree National Park. Our partner, AdventureKT  has created this unique, all-inclusive RV rental package to help guide your trip.

Adventure KT provides an all-inclusive package that includes the RV rental, 2 nights campgrounds at Joshua Tree and San Diego Pines, 500 miles, plus camp and cook kits making this an easy escape.

During your two days in Joshua Tree National Park, here are a few things you might want to include on your “must do” list that’s straight from a Park Ranger.

Cholla {choy-uh} Cactus Garden
One of Joshua Tree’s most dangerous hike! It’s not a steep, rocky path that makes it dangerous, it’s the Teddy Bear Cholla to watch out for. Located at the merger of the upper Mojave Desert and the lower Colorado Desert, this level quarter-mile loop provides access to an intense concentration of cholla cacti.

Spring is the best time to visit to see the blossoms on the cacti as you walk through this garden.

Arch Rock
Arch Rock is a beautiful frame to the magnificent boulder formations within Joshua Tree National Park. This simple half mile walk will take you directly to the Arch Rock. Heart Rock is another formation you’ll want to keep an eye out for, so plan to spend some time exploring once you’ve seen the Arch.

Skull Rock
An iconic formation where no imagination is needed. Less than a 2-mile hike through a maze of rock formations with flora and fauna. The area hosts vegetation like Joshua Tree, Mojave yucca, juniper to name a few. Jackrabbits, bobcat and even great horned owls are drawn to its varied food sources.

These are only a few of the Park Ranger’s recommendations, read the rest of her 8 Things you Can’t Miss in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is the best place for stargazing since the Park is in the High Dessert and away from major cities. With two nights at a campsite in this package, there is plenty available to explore. Both Arch Rock and Skull Rock are notable locations for stargazing in the Park.

After two nights at Joshua Tree National Park, you’ll head on a 3 ½ hour journey on mostly backcountry roads to San Diego’s Mt Laguna, within Cleveland National Forest where you’re campsite awaits.

Mount Laguna is the gateway to an alpine wonderland that offers lush meadows, tall forests and some of the best hiking, camping and biking Southern California has to offer.

Hiking or Biking
Mount Laguna is surrounded by numerous trails for hiking and biking, with plenty of mellow routes and a few that will test your fitness. With the extensive trail network, it’s best to do a little homework before heading out.

There are trails from beginners to advanced and Adventure KT provides a map to all of them.

California Wolf Center
If hiking and biking aren’t your “cup of tea”, visit the California Wolf Center. The conservation and rehab center for wolves is located about 16 miles north of Mount Laguna. The center offers tours where you can learn about their work to recover populations of wild wolves and encounter some of the resident wolves at the center.

Your final night is up to you! Adventure KT is happy to provide campground recommendations.

This package offers unique experiences along with the ease of having campground reservations secure and an RV stocked and ready to go.


  • 1 Class-C RV 25ft (Model year 2019) that sleeps 2-5 people
  • 1 RV campsite (2 nights) at Joshua Tree National Park
  • 1 RV campsite (2 nights) at Mt Laguna Campgrounds
  • 500 Miles included, with additional miles @ current rates
  • 1 Kitchen/Camp Cook set
  • 1 Camp Kit which includes: BBQ, utensils, table, table cloth, chairs, lantern, outdoor rug
  • Personal bedding/linens/towels are optional
  • Daytime itinerary options for hiking, & biking & 3rd party excursions

* Applicable sales tax and RV insurance not included.

5 Night California Package

2020 Package Date Options:

  • April 1st thru April 6th
  • April 8th thru April 13th

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