You Can Make Money Renting Your RV on RVnGO

If you own an RV, motorhome or campervan, you can make money renting it to qualified and verified renters on RVnGO.

Rental income from your RV can cover your costs to maintain and make upgrades to your RV. The money you make renting your RV can also pay for your future RV trips.

Step 1 – List Your RV on RVnGO

Get started today, by listing your RV on It’s simple and takes approximately 5 minutes. In the above bar, you’ll see a link to “List Your RV.”

Here’s a video that shows how easy it is to list your RV on RVnGO:

Step 2 – Receive Inquiries

You can choose how often you’d like to rent out your RV and who you rent it to. Set your calendar to show the dates you’d like your RV will be available. Then, you’ll receive an email when a Guest is interested in renting your RV. You can view their profile and message them to find out what their plans are before accepting their inquiry.

Step 3 – Get Paid

Once you accept their inquiry, the Guest will pay the booking deposit to lock in their reservation. One week prior to their check-in, they will pay the balance due. When your Guest arrives to check-in, 100% of your rental income will be transferred to the bank account of your choice.

How Much Money Can I Make Renting My RV?

Depending on the class of RV you own, the model and year you can make anywhere from $100 – $600 or more per night renting your RV. And because RVnGO doesn’t charge any fees to list or rent your RV, you’ll make 100% of your rental income. Travel trailers and pop up campers rent for approximately $100 per night. Class B RVs range in price per night from $125 – $350. If you own a Class C RV, these are the most popular RVs for rentals. The price per night ranges from $100 – $400. Class A RVs, depending on the year, range in price from $200 – $650 per night. No matter what kind of RV you own, you’re going to make money renting it to verified, qualified renters on RVnGO. Plus, your RV is covered by our industry-leading insurance. There is no downside to listing or renting your RV on RVnGO.

Peace of Mind

All RV rentals on RVnGO are covered by our industry-leading RV rental insurance. The Guest pays for RV rental insurance on a nightly basis on every transaction. RVnGO RV rental insurance includes $1 million in liability coverage and up to $200,000 in property damage coverage. The rental insurance is paid for by the renter.

Click here to find out more about RVnGO Insurance along with rates.

When your RV is returned, you inspect the RV to make sure that nothing has been broken or damaged. In the instance that something is broken or damaged, you can deduct the cost of the repair or replacement from the damage deposit.

In the unfortunate case that the RV is in an accident, the Guest is required to contact us to start the claims process. Both you as the RV owner and the Guest will be asked to provide information regarding the damages before the claim is paid. To learn more about how claims are paid, click here.

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How Do We Make Our Money?

Everyone asks us how we make our money at RVnGO. And because we are very transparent in how we do business, we’re able to answer honestly:

RVnGO created the nightly RV rental insurance policy which is a necessity for RV rentals. We cut out the middlemen and make a percentage on the nightly RV rental premium paid by the renter.

Make More Money with RVnGO

There is no downside to listing your RV on RVnGO because we don’t charge any fees to list or rent your RV. That’s right – you receive 100% of your rental income.

Just set the dates your RV is available for rent and you will offset the cost of owning your RV, plus pay for your next trip!

RVnGO is such a popular site for RV rentals because it’s nearly 40% cheaper to rent an RV from than everywhere else. This is because we don’t charge RV owners anything to rent or list their RVs.

Other RV rental sites charge between 20-40% of the transaction to both the RV Owner and the Renter.  But because we don’t charge any fees, RVs owners are able to pass along that cost savings the Renters. This also makes RVing more accessible and affordable.